Our Company

  • We are a lebanese company. specialized in repotology products.We provide new technology for diagnosis & solutions to patients, doctors and hopitals.
  • We shall do our utmost to build a high image in the minds of our customers and partners.
  • We intend to make extensive market research with healthcare practitioners to determine the needs of the market
  • We also endeavor to be an excellent place to work, offering interesting and challenging jobs and the chance to develop a rewarding career.
  • We participate in local & international conferences to get the widal experience by choosing our products to fulfill the need of our customers

Our Vision:
To be recognized as a leading diagnostic portfolio for Gastroenterologist Specialist.

Our Mission:
To provide customers with a unique service by combining Brands, Technology and Science to achieve an accurate diagnosis which leads to clear solutions.

We are committed to introduce high-quality products and services. We create value by providing products and services that enables us to achieve our mission.

Customer focused
We are committed to continuously improving how we serve all our customers by anticipating their needs and providing all the necessary information for better education.

Trust and integrity
We are ethical and honest in our intentions, words, and actions. We believe our end results and how we obtain them are equally important. We are accountable for both successes and failures and we learn and improve from both. We are good corporate citizens in our communities.

We strive to gain the respect and admiration of physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare providers in our environment. We count on the professionalism of our extensive local teams to achieve this. We rely on this kind of personal approach and local knowledge to capture growth in our market.